Welcome to Modern Shakespeare Uncensored.

Modern Shakespeare uncensored is a podcast where we translate Shakespeare into modern language line by line and then gather several actors to read parts. There are too many people who would enjoy Shakespeare if they could only understand it. I am giving an opportunity for everyone to enjoy Shakespeare the way I do.

This show is uncensored so there will be language and adult jokes. I do this in my translation because I want this show to be real to Shakespeare. I want the fowl jokes and the cruel language to come through in a modern age. I want listeners to enjoy Shakespeare the way the groundlings did.

I will be rotating through most of Shakespeare’s plays. Starting with a tragedy, then a comedy, a history, and back to tragedy. Each episode will be one act of the current play. So episode one will be Romeo and Juliet Act One and then episode two will be Romeo and Juliet Act Two.  Between each play, I will do a mini-episode of sonnets. Keep an eye out for the episodes!!